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Below is a selection of games that I have either created from conception, worked with in a team in one or more roles or been hired to help out with a specific task.

Pinball Dungeon

PC & Consoles

Temple Mockup.png

Still in active development, Pinball Dungeon tasks you with exploring an ancient temple with many hidden secrets, including the legendary ancient weapon 'The Pinball Gun'. You have been captured by goblins and need to explore the depths of the temple whilst solving puzzles, fighting the hoard of industrialising goblins and master the powers of the pinball gun.

Pinball Dungeon is a game of my own creation that I'm working on between contract work. If you are an investor or publisher looking to help fund a unique and creative game then please get in touch.

Antur Cyw

Android & iOS

I was hired to create the character animations and object interaction animations for the overworld area and a couple of the mini games.

It's a fun and cute Welsh language game for children Created for S4C.

Nurse Check Tracheostomy.webp

VR Medical Training


I was brought on board to create patient and nurse character animations as well as the creation of specialist 3D medical props, equipment and set dressing the hospital environment.

Creature Battle Lab

Android & iOS

Created at my old company, Dojo Arcade. Creature Battle Lab has a soft spot in my heart. I designed the original game document and pitched the idea to investors with my founding business partners. We then got a super talented team together to create a great little game about creating and battling strange and unique creatures  in real-time battles.

Unfortunately the game is unavailable now as the company no longer exists but we did win a Bafta Cymru for 'Best Game' with it.



Android, iOS

This was created whilst I worked at Dojo Arcade still. We helped to create this game for Tinint, a Welsh language game that teaches kids the fundamentals of logic and coding. I designed and created the look of the robot character and  alien worlds. As well as producing the concept art for the game, I also animated the main character and crafted the special effects. I also developed the level layouts and puzzle designs with my teammates.

Y Gemau Gwyllt


Prosiect Z

Web Browser Games

A collection of web games created for S4C. We created the three game ideas based off of S4C's children's TV shows and pitched them to the company. We then created them as web games to be embedded in their website. Each of the games were created in under a month and on a small budget.


To see more of my work, please visit my artwork page.

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